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Create a Dramatic Look using Mehron's Paradise Line & Win a Feature in inMag

Mehron - Kari Tribble This month's cover illustrates how makeup has evolved as its own art form.

"One Blue Flame's" Kari Tribble's dramatic look, which graces this issue's cover, will also be featured on the cover of the bands upcoming CD.

The look was created by famed painter Rachel Tribble using Mehron's Paradise color palette. inMag, in association with Mehron, Inc., is searching for the ultimate extreme makeup look. The winner will be featured in the July issue of inMag and will win a Paradise cosmetic kit compliments of Mehron. Send your images to

The deadline for receiving photos is July 15, 2006.

Learn more at

To read about Kari Tribble and MySpace, check out our cover story at


Makeup minimalism is now considered old school. Consider the theatrical look on Moschino's runway, and the jewel-toned makeup, designed to match the fabrics, at Posen. But the most dramatic shift is the growing trend of using bold, colorful, almost theatrical makeup to fashionistas' faces and bodies - a trend that is closing the gap between "performance" makeup and cosmetics.

Colors of Cool Face Painting As a Style Statement: From Broadway productions and fashion runways to film premieres and nights out on the town, face and body painting has now moved from the theatrical arena to the mainstream. Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ® is the ultimate color beauty line. Paradise Makeup allows the wearer to make a dramatic beauty statement by night and can be easily washed off at the end of the evening.

There are currently four beautiful 8-color collections to choose from - each in an elegant silver palette with a mirror. The Basic set consists of Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and Dark Brown. The Pastel set has light shades of Blue, Pink, Green, and Brown, as well as dark Pink, Purple, Teal and Violet. The Tropical palette (pictured) has Lagoon Blue, Amazon Green, Wild Orchid, Storm Cloud, Coral, Mango, Beach Berry and Lime. The newest set is all Metallic shades -- Silver Bullet, Gold Medal, Copper Penny, Bronze Star, Hot Rod Green, Cherry Bomb Red, Sunset Orange and Blue Steel.

"Women like to be noticed," says Martin Melik of Mehron, whose Paradise Makeup AQ® line is the leading choice of today's most creative make-up artists. "What we do is offer versatile colors that can transform a look from ordinary to extraordinary. With our products, a woman can adorn herself with anything from a small, carefully placed flower petal or jewel shape on her face to a dramatic full body painting. She can be as subtle or as daring as she chooses."

For over 75 years productions such as The Metropolitan Opera, The American Ballet Theater, Broadway shows, Hollywood movies, and organizations like Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil have relied on Mehron products for their special makeup requirements and dramatic looks. Though the Mehron brand is more recognizable to professionals, Paradise Makeup AQ® is a consumer-oriented line that has been adopted by fashion's avant-garde for today's hottest looks.

What makes this new makeup truly distinctive and attractive is Mehron's unique blend of base ingredients which includes aloe, chamomile, glycerin, avocado oil, and cocoa butter. No special removers are needed. The colors wash off easily with just soap and water. Brushes and sponges clean easily and will last longer.

Find out more about Mehron at:

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Hollywood, CA

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