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Tattoo Removal - The New Art

By Graham McLean

Tataway is a unique tattoo removal clinic equipped with advanced technology that other clinics do not have. They are the first to offer the new PicoSure lasers that make tattoo removal both safe and effective.

With PressureWave technology, the PicoSure lasers shatter the ink into tiny particles removing your tattoos while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. To learn more about Tataway and what makes them a leader in the tattoo removal industry, I spoke with Chelsea Marandola at their Boston clinic.

Tataway Tattoo Removal Clinic

How did Tataway start?
Tataway got its start while Carmen was in the laser hair removal industry. When doing hair removal it is important to keep a tattoo out of the way of the laser to avoid ink loss and or scaring. While preforming these treatments a large portion of Carmen's clientele expressed an interest in removing their unwanted art. As Carmen researched a company to refer her clients to, she quickly realized that finding businesses whose specialty was tattoo removal was nearly impossible. One thing lead to another and Tataway was formed.

What makes Tataway different?
Tataway sets itself apart from other companies in a multitude of ways. One of the most important factors is the fact that tattoo removal is our only focus. This allows us to not only utilize the most affective lasers on the market, but also to have the most experienced team in the industry. While using both the Picosure laser and the Revlite SI we are able to remove tattoos in the most efficient, fast, and safest way possible. With this combination of equipment, it also enables us to offer our clients affordable options for any budget.

Who are your primary clients?
There is not a set type of person who walks in the doors of Tataway. We have clients that range from just getting tattooed and have instant regret, too tattoo artists who are clearing old ink to add new art. Young, old, it makes no difference.

Why do people want their tattoos removed?
The typical response we receive from our clients is that they "just don't want it anymore." What we have come to observe is that the majority of our clientele are people going through some sort of life change, ranging from getting their first job, changing career paths, getting married, or having children. Tattoo removal usually revolves around an important change in someone's life.

Does skin type matter?
Skin type plays a huge role in tattoo removal. We do have machines that can cater to all skin types however, the darker the skin type typically the more difficult it is to remove. It is very possible to remove tattoos on darker skin tones; it takes a little bit longer.

Tataway Tattoo Removal Clinic

How long does it typically take to remove a tattoo?
In the tattoo removal industry, this is our most frequently asked question. The problem with this is no two people will ever hear the same answer. Tattoo removal is an entirely individual process, dependent on the style of tattoo, ink type, skin type, and client's health. The second major factor is with the lasers provided. Here at Tataway we have developed a method using both the Picosure and Revlite. This method allows us typically to remove a tattoo within 4 to 8 sessions, if the client variables allow it.

Can all tattoos be removed?
Most tattoos can be removed without problem, however that is not to say "all" tattoos can be removed. As of now, technology has not found a way to safely remove certain colors from certain skin tones.

Is it painful?
Tattoo removal is a lot less painful than most would assume. With this said, it is by no means something you will enjoy. It feels very similar to getting a tattoo, however the speed of the laser is much greater. A small tattoo will take typically 30 seconds to a minute per session, whereas getting the tattoo takes exponentially longer.

How many people have tattoos in America?
It is estimated that of the total population of the U.S. there are 45 to 50 million people with tattoos.

Can you tell me more about your outreach program INK (I Now Know)?
We deal with ex-gang members and others who have been incarcerated. If they are accepted into the program, we remove any tattoos on their hands, neck, or face for free. Anything we can do to help enable people who are trying to turn their lives around, we have the means for helping and we are all for helping.

There is one particular case that always stands out, a gentleman named Sean. He was a homeless person and someone tattooed two tattoos on his face while he was sleeping. We got a call from his caseworker telling us that he had entered a very serious depression. He couldn't see his family. He obviously couldn't get a job with those tattoos on his face. So he came in and we are removing those tattoos and he is almost done and the change it has made for him is unbelievable. He has a smile on his face.

Tataway is a fully certified tattoo removal clinic with laser removal professionals using state of the art, FDA-backed equipment to safely and effectively remove your unwanted tattoos and improve your quality of life. Tattoo removal has never been this easy. Tataway now serves Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Bethlehem, PA.

For more information visit:

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