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Bar Code ProTM 6.0 for Mac and Windows

Virtually every product from groceries, office supplies and car parts to CDs, DVDs, books and periodicals are identified with a UPC bar code. The bar code is nothing more than an item number applied to products for inventory management. However, the bar code is machine-readable.

Bar codes are used by retailers, saving time and avoiding errors. The store's computer can display a price, keep accurate inventory records and produce an invoice by scanning the bar code.

Bar Code Pro TM 6.0 for Mac and Windows SNX first released Bar Code ProTM in 1991. At that time, the world was moving from analog phototypesetting to digital printing. Camera-ready art and paste-ups of product packaging, was being turned out with desktop publishing programs instead. The bar code graphics weren't fairing too well in the process. They were often rendered unreadable by errors caused by printers rounding off the graphics or unworkable resolutions (dpi) used to make plates. Bar Code ProTM software solved all of those problems inventing methods of digital formatting that have become the industry standard. Over 150,000 companies use Bar Code ProTM daily, worldwide.

Bar Code ProTM version 6 for Mac and Windows was released in 2005. It includes UPC bar code as well as all of the other popular bar codes such as Code 39, EAN-13, ITF, Postnet, coupon codes and Code 128.

Bar Code Pro TM 6.0 for Mac and Windows

Over the years specific bar code applications have grown in number beyond simple product identification. Bar Code ProTM has kept pace with the times. You'll find easy-to-use templates for postal bar code, coupons, truncated UPC symbols for CD's, ISBN Bookland for book jackets, magazine covers, food and general merchandize labels, and many, many more.

Bar code - (noun) A UPC bar code appears on every product.

Barcode - (verb) We barcode items in inventory to keep track of stock.

Uniform Code Council (GS1 US is their new name) assigns new company prefixes; a prerequisite to using the UPC bar code numbering system. - go here to obtain your company prefix.

Machine-readable - scanable information; information in a form a machine can read. Every UPC bar code has the same numbers printed below the symbol that are encoded in the bars and spaces. They are referred to as human-readables.

Bar Code Pro TM 6.0 for Mac and Windows Printing bar code poses special challenges because bar code is unlike other graphics. The information it holds is obtained by scanning which measures the widths of the bars and spaces and decodes the information held therein. If Helvetica type is 10 point instead of 12 point or a blue sky has too much cyan, the message is still understood. Not so with bar code! Bar codes that are too thick or too thin are often times unreadable.

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