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Welcome to Studio 8
By Roy Webb

Welcome to the studio, get ready to rock! Since the introduction of Macromedia® StudioTM in 2001, websites and applications have grown continuously in sophistication and importance, from communicating corporate brands to delivering mission-critical data and transactions. Technical, communication, and marketing requirements for websites are now coupled with support for industry standards and best practices. Studio 8 includes the latest release of Dreamweaver®, Flash® Professional, Fireworks®, ContributeTM, and FlashPaperTM, and offers web designers and developers a new level of expressiveness, efficiency, and simplified workflow. This release of Studio has significant new creative tools that will define the future of interactive experiences. Websites, web applications, games, presentations, and mobile content will reach a new level of design and development sophistication with the advanced graphics, text, animation, video, and audio tools of Studio 8. Now with the joining of Adobe with Macromedia the ultimate web design marriage is here.

Studio 8 Studio speeds the design, development, and maintenance process with key features like batch optimization of creative assets, batch encoding of digital video, performance enhancements for faster project development, and increased integration with third-party products. With the introduction of Contribute into Studio, developers can now easily setup and administer sites to allow non-technical contributors to update their own content while still maintaining site integrity.

New video encoding capabilities in Studio 8 broaden appeal to the community of video professionals looking to capture, edit, and publish video online. Additional drag-and-drop tools and starter templates make Studio 8 more approachable than ever to traditional graphic artists looking to enhance their print design skills with digital media experience. With millions of professionals using Macromedia tools today, Studio 8 remains the leading integrated suite of professional tools for designing, developing, and maintaining effective websites, applications, interactive presentations, and mobile content.

Top 10 Reasons to get Studio 8
  1. Get the complete toolset
    Studio 8 is the essential suite for start-to-finish design, development and maintenance tools of websites, applications, games, interactive presentations, and mobile content. Studio 8 includes Flash Professional 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3, and FlashPaper 2 - all the necessary tools to create code and easily maintain interactive projects.

  2. Express creativity
    Take interactive content to a new level, exploring advanced graphics, text tools, text rendering, animation, and video tools in Flash Professional 8. Give projects new levels of sophistication and quality. Explore 25 new effects in Fireworks 8 for fast image creation and editing. Quickly drag and drop video in Dreamweaver to make sites visually dynamic. From simple animated graphics to sophisticated interactive experiences, Studio 8 unleashes creativity.

  3. Get more done
    Studio 8 speeds the design, development, and maintenance process with integrated round-tripping between Macromedia products, new time-saving features like batch rendering for media assets and batch encoding for video, faster user interface workflows, and boosted integration with third-party products.

  4. Pick any platform
    Support for Windows and Mac OS X enables development and deployment on any platform. Deliver projects that support the widest range of operating systems, browsers, and server technologies. Develop applications using HTML, XHTML, XML, ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, or PHP with drag-and-drop visual tools and components, code libraries, and extensive code-editing support.

  5. Take advantage of industry-standard workflows and technologies
    Studio 8 makes the best practices of web design and development available to everyone, from users working on their first website to those developing advanced web applications. Design and develop with confidence that Studio projects will integrate with and support the latest technologies, platforms, operating systems, and industry standards from CSS and XML to the latest Flash Player 8 client runtime.

  6. Bring video to the web
    Studio 8 makes integrating video into projects easier than ever. Drag and drop Flash Video in Dreamweaver 8 to quickly incorporate video to websites and applications. The new high-quality video encoder in Flash Professional 8 is integrated (or works standalone) for distributed batch encoding. New run-time support for Alpha channels, embedded cue points in Flash Video files, and the improved, easily-skinnable video playback component will engage more viewers. Finish editing video, then export the material in the Flash Video format using the Flash Video plug-in with popular non-linear editing systems.

  7. Maximize reach
    Deliver rich content efficiently and consistently with the Flash standard file format (SWF); its structure (and compact size) is optimized for streaming to web users at all connection speeds. The Macromedia Flash Player, installed on over 98% of desktops globally reaches the widest possible audience. Studio 8 parallels the introduction of Flash Player 8, which now hosts more interactive features, lightweight experiences, better performance, and easy auto-updating for the ultimate viewing experience.

  8. Plays well with others
    In addition to its integrated workflows across Macromedia products, Studio 8 supports optimized workflows with third-party applications. Import graphical elements, EPS and PDF files from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Creative Suite. Add content from Microsoft Office products with design accuracy using the improved copy and paste in Dreamweaver or use FlashPaper to convert Microsoft files into PDF or FlashPaper files with one click. Easily work in a family of design and development applications using powerful import/export capabilities.

  9. Go mobile
    Use Studio 8 to take the web experience farther and create content for millions of mobile handheld devices and phones. Author, test, and preview mobile content using the advanced authoring environment in Flash Professional 8, complete with an interactive emulator for Flash Lite.

  10. Join a million-member developer community
    Find ideas and information with Macromedia's strong developer community. Benefit from extensive Studio 8 product resources including the Studio Development Center, developer certification programs, training and seminars, user forums, and independent community support sites. Enrich your copy of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash with thousands of free downloadable extensions from the Macromedia Exchange.

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