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Marriott - Gaslamp - San Diego
Southern California is the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. So it stands to reason that if celebrities can improve their looks via plastic surgery then a building should be able to as well. The Marriott Hotel chain purchased the Clarion Hotel in the Gaslamp, rebranded it, and called in the nip/tuk specialists to give the old lady a makeover - and what a job they did. The reconstruction resulted in a world-class hotel with an incredible ambiance. Everything about the place exudes warmth, relaxation, comfort and class. The rooms are cozy. The furniture blends together. There is a sense of belonging and symmetry. Feng Shui.

Marriott - Gaslamp - San Diego

With the dramatic resurgence of downtown San Diego, a project such as the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter is seen as just another upgrade to the area. It wasn't many years ago that the Gaslamp was seedy with a few restaurants, many many parking lots and a completely uninviting warehouse district that was home to winos and street people.

Slowly but surely the Gaslamp developed into a hip entertainment center and one by one the parking lots were replaced by construction cranes building a new infrastructure of swanky hotels and trendy retail shops...and more restaurants. The crown jewel of this renaissance is the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter.

Marriott - Gaslamp - San Diego The catalyst to the transformation was the construction of the San Diego Convention Center. The completion was the building of the San Diego Padres new home, Petco Park, right in the heart of the Gaslamp. The warehouses were razed and the newly cleared area made way for the construction of the stadium. No more baseball at an NFL stadium, now the Padres had their own park. It was an instant success with people being able to take the trolley, get to the Gaslamp early, have dinner and enjoy the game. The stadium is a gem, and even though its brand new, it feels like it's been there forever, ala Chicago's Wrigley Field.

The Marriott is right next door. It is the place to stay, and as an added attraction, it has a rooftop bar, called Altitude, where you can get a bird's eye view of the game and enjoy food and drink. And party hardy after the game. Life is good!

Altitude - Night and Day Home to the hottest club in San Diego, Altitude is at the very top of the Marriott Gaslamp. It provides a bird's eye view of the Padres when they play at Petco Park.

Marriott - Gaslamp - San Diego

To top things off, the games are broadcast on big screen HDTV's. When the game is over Altitude remains a networking action spot. The DJ spins, the fire pits blaze and the eye-candy strut their stuff. It's casual. It's elegant. Dresses or t-shirts are the order of the day because anything goes.

Two bars serve specialized drinks and there's a handy supply of beach blankets in case it gets too chilly. The blankets are welcome on certain nights because it can get cool in San Diego. An express elevator goes directly to Altitude but the lines are long, especially on weekends. Guests can use their key card for access from the other three elevators - a nice advantage.

Marriott - Gaslamp - San Diego

The completely refurbished lobby welcomes guests. There is a convenience shop stocked with necessities to take along to the game directly across the street. Fresh flowers add warmth. The check-in desk has three giant bowls of candy...nice! Everything is new, hip and coordinated. Guest rooms are comfy, bright and luxurious. An abundance of natural light enhances the mood. The views of the bay and the water just put you in good spirits. The Soleil@K restaurant at street level has a bistro-like atmosphere.

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