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A Foundling

By: Donna Letterese

Hollywood's female directors are starting to get the acclaim they deserve.' Kathryn Bigelow just won a Best Oscar.' And "A Foundling's" director, Carly Lyn, is coming up on the horizon.

A Foundling Lyn shot her first feature in twelve days, editing it in a year and a half.' She was inspired by an 1880 Texas newspaper article: after a spaceship crashed, the townspeople banded together to hold a proper burial for the ship's inhabitants.' Similarly, "A Foundling" is a Western that involves the discovery of an alien.' Unusually, it stars Chinese and Native American women.' Lyn wanted her Western to depict people not usually featured in the genre.

Lyn knows it has become popular to blend Western and Sci-Fi movies.' Yet, the most important points of "A Foundling" are compassion, kindness in spite of differences, and even animal rescue.' Shortly after completing the film, Lyn adopted a dog and began to do undercover exposés on animal cruelty.'' Her subsequent films have exposed puppy mills in Riverside and prompted the cities of West Hollywood and Hermosa Beach to ban the sales of dogs and cats from mills.'

Lyn is inspired by David Gordon Green, Cameron Crowe, and George Clooney's directorial works.' She would love to be considered a "director who happens to be female."' She also hopes more women will join the industry.' "We need more women directing, behind the camera, and on the production team," she states.' "With more women on crew, we wouldn't be outsiders."'

"A Foundling" premiered this June at the Dances with Films Festival held at the Sunset Laemmle 5.' Lyn is presently looking for a distribution deal and feels confident the festival will bring in necessary interest.

In five years, Lyn wants to have a couple of films in distribution.' She is already working on two new projects:' a post-apocalyptic film where humans are an endangered species; and an alternate history book that explores how North America would be if it had first been discovered by Africa instead of Europe.

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