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Money and Business

SEO and How It Can Be an Asset for Website Traffic.
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Are you sitting on a goldmine? What's the single biggest mistake people make when talking about their business?

95% of people do not speak or write in their customer's language, according to Ann Convery, a former media trainer who successfully coached hundreds of clients for CNN, Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, and other media.

Ann Convery "Most people try and describe what they do," says Convery. "What people really want to hear is a monetized version of WIFM - what's in it for me. These are two very different languages." As an example of Ann's process, here's an insurance salesman's before and after message:

BEFORE: "I sell insurance. We sell property, casualty and employee benefit products."

AFTER: "I discover between $10 and $30K my clients didn't know they had in 60 minutes or less."

Who would you rather hire?

It's no secret that we're over-stimulated in this digital age, which is good for business in Convery's world; her program is more in-demand and popular than ever; her website features glowing testimonials from customers who have tripled their overall business and doubled their income overnight. Many people are sitting on a goldmine and don't realize it, notes Convery.

Called "Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less" Convery's system is an entirely new way of thinking that enables anyone to attract attention, arouse emotion, and leave the person you're talking to hungry for more. To achieve powerful influence, you must speak to emotional needs. "Not that people are buying anything in the first or second conversation," says Convery, "but you definitely want them to buy you." This almost unconscious emotional attachment is critical for drawing your new prospect towards you and what you have to offer.

What's the average human attention span? Nine seconds. That's the attention span of a goldfish, says Convery. This is why she makes sure her clients know exactly what they're up against. According to Convery, our brains are wired for pattern recognition, so we judge and label each other constantly. Within the first eight seconds, we've decided a person's income, statue, education, and 150 other details. It gets worse. From 12 feet away, we decide who someone is. From 12 inches, we make up our minds. And with their first 12 words, we write them off.

"We don't do this to be mean," she laughs. "We do it to remain sane from all the stimulation."

This is why Convery's messages are "pattern interrupts." To grab someone's inner attention, you need to interrupt the pattern they've already made about who you are.

Heed the Zeigarnik Effect, says Convery. People remember incomplete tasks better than completed ones. Therefore, her clients learn to leave their prospects hungry and wanting more. She also reveals a host of Trigger words - words that carry an unconscious emotional attachment. Trigger words are so powerful that they landed one of her clients three $100,000 contracts within two weeks.

Besides private coaching, Convery has distilled the entire "Speak Your Business" system into a package of 6 CDs and a guidebook. She is also offering her popular telesiminar this June. The heart of Convery's program is the secret of monetizing and quantifying your service or product. "When you monetize or quantify your results for people, then you're speaking your customer's language." Convery's ingenious "Speak Your Business" system delivers just that, every time. Clock's ticking...

- Chad Collins

For further information: www.AnnConvery.com or 323-644-7955

Housing Values Decreasing? So Should Your Property Tax.

-Kellen Merrill

Property Tax Reassessment is a company devoted to helping homeowners who qualify, reassess their property taxes. Property Tax Reassessment In today's volatile market, a reassessment could potentially help a homeowner save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The company's founders felt that a name that describes their service would be a simple way to convey what they offer.

Interestingly, that name may have fueled some controversy among certain municipalities and homeowners. Property Tax Reassessment launched with a direct mail campaign advertising their service to homeowners in California. Some may have mistaken the Property Tax Reassessment advertisement they received in the mail for an official government document. Although this approach has been used by hundreds of companies over the years as a tactic to get the addressee's attention, this particular mailer seems to have struck a nerve. The mailer's objectives are twofold. The first is to advertise Property Tax Reassessment's service, and the other is to make property owners aware that a reassessment option exists.

Property Tax Reassessment provides a service in the same way an accounting firm does. As the mailer states, individuals can certainly go through the process on their own. In fact, it gives the reader a step by step guide on the method. However, as most people would rather hire a service to do their taxes than try to wade through the tax code on their own, most people would rather hire Property Tax Reassessment to work with the forms and rules necessary for correct reassessment.

In response to the large number of people having their property values reassessed, a few cities in California have issued press releases announcing that the service is unnecessary. It could be because they are clarifying the situation for homeowners, or because reassessments can save homeowners money on taxes, which costs cities money.

It is not news that home values have plummeted almost everywhere in America. Some states, including California, have been hit especially hard and thousands of people are being forced to foreclose. Some relief can be found by paying taxes proportional to a home's decreased value. This could equal thousands of dollars saved. Chances are good that if your neighbors' houses have gone down in value, yours has too. The assessment of exactly what you should be taxed is a technical undertaking, which is why Property Tax Reassessment provides a reassessment service for a one-time charge.

Property Tax Reassessment is operating under California law based on two Propositions that were passed over twenty years ago. They deal with home value and corresponding property tax. Proposition 13 states that when the price you paid for your home exceeds the actual market value, your taxes can, and should, be reassessed to reflect the decrease. The second Proposition, Prop 8, was created to ensure this right of reassessment.

The Property Tax Reassessment mailer is not a government notice demanding payment of a fee, but a service offered to help homeowners receive maximum property tax savings. The company handles not only the original paperwork, but any additional work that may be required, such as appeals of an assessment at no extra cost. Property Tax Reassessment can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars per year and could make the difference between keeping and losing one's home.

For further information call: 888-879-4259


By Anthony Mora

Recession. Economic downturn. Tough economic times. Makes you want to hide under the covers until the storm passes, right? Maybe, but that's the wrong approach. Let's move from fear to facts. A number of studies show that companies that continue or increase their marketing and public relations efforts during tough economic times consistently outperform those who slash their marketing efforts during rough periods.

Think about it. If most companies are reacting in a turtle-like fashion and hiding in their shells until the sun comes out again, there's less competition out there; less companies are launching PR campaigns, fewer are reaching the public with effective marketing efforts. Suddenly you have media outlets that are looking for stories, particularly some good non-doom and-gloom stories. If you're a savvy business person you know this and understand that this is precisely the time you can have a greater impact and get a bigger bang for your buck. So, look at tough times as your chance to reach your target market and build your business.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tools And Strategies For Your Business During An Economic Downturn:

1) React Quickly: You know when times are tough. When people are arguing on the media whether we're in a recession or not, I'd say chances are we're probably there. And if not, at least marketing-wise act as though we are. Football has its two minute drill. Put in place a marketing and PR drill for these times. Take action.

2) Develop stories that are appropriate for hard times. How can your product or service be positioned so that you can create a PR pitch that fits the tone of the times? Come up with a cost-saving story, a stress-reducing story, a feel-good story.

3) Write a one-page press release on the story that fits. Make it easy-to-read. Write a catchy (but not overly-cute) headline, add bullet points. Be clear, concise. Give the media the story they're looking for.

4) Find the emails and snail mail addresses and get your release out to the media. Send it to all of the appropriate media outlets. Don't only focus on local or regional media outlets. Go national. Make it a trend story idea. 5) Make follow-up calls. Don't think because you've written a compelling release, sent it out to the appropriate media, that your job is done. Call. Be polite. Be professional, but make sure that the media has received your release and that they understand your pitch.

Do the above and you have a great start for the promotion of your company. Now start coming up with other follow-up ideas. What else can you offer the media that you can tie in to the current economic situation? Remember these don't have to be doom and gloom stories. They can be about how to relax, how to save money, or even how people are still being extravagant, even during tough times. Be creative with your stories, but get them out there. While your competition is hiding, make your move.

P.O. Box 709
Hollywood 90078

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