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Generation Instant Gratification

We are living in an instant gratification culture, and until this is addressed, everything else is only a band-aid," so says Brigitte Secard, author and, radio host and creator of the upcoming documentary and book, Generation Instant Gratification.

Brigitte Secard

When asked if she describes herself as an activist, she says absolutely not. "Activism needs to be redefined. This project calls out the amusing irony of peace activists that are so full of venom. No one wants to be hit over the head to be told what they should be doing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to grasp the enormous tragedy of the Congo or Darfur, when you are struggling to breathe in your own life. And that is the reality of where most people are, they are exhausted and working hard to keep it all together. We have a global generation that is self-destructing at a rate like no other. This project is for them, in Beverly Hills and in the Congo. They are different branches of the same tree," she says.

With so many documentary films made, we asked her how hers will be different. "Documentary films are often quite depressing. Then there are the films made for the escapism so desired now. Yes, people want to be entertained, but they also are looking for meaning, something substantial. What is really missing is a film that can be visually poetic and evocative, as well as being deeply substantive, make you laugh your guts out, and with intoxicating music. It is meant to be a whole experience that is impossible for you to view and not be moved, to see the truth of yourself and the world with new eyes. That is this project."

She says with laughter, "I may be the first and last person who moved to Hollywood for the human condition." We are certainly glad she did.

Brigitte Secard is currently finishing the book for this project, called Generation Instant Gratification: From Blinding Self-Interest to Changing The World. She starts a weekly radio show on May 13 on Contact Talk Radio in Seattle, Washington, as a ramp-up into film production.

- Irene Ryan

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