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A Little History About the Juju Band

Juju Band Baby belly binding has long been used in various forms by many different cultures. The ancient art of binding has been made easy and quite cute by the Juju Band. Its design is simple and made to accommodate even the busiest of parents!

The Juju Band has been a family tradition for over 100 years. It is a tradition still used today in our family. We hope that you will join our family tradition and try the Juju band on your newborns and infants.

Juju Bands are used for 2 different purposes. First, it is used on the Newborn as a shield to protect from constant contact of diapers and clothing. This helps reduce the likelihood of irritation and infection. The Newborn Navel Protector also helps give your baby the perfect "innie" belly button.

Secondly, the Infant Belly Binder helps relieve colic and soothe fussy babies. The snug fit calms and comforts even the most finicky infants. Please join our family and try this time honored tradition. We know you won't be disappointed. Juju Bands are made from the highest quality material in the U.S.A. With just three easy steps, you too will become a part of over 100 years of tradition. Your baby will be thanking you!

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