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Bold Jewelry: Not For The Timid

Tiro is a bold and dramatic jewelry line by designer Orit, and is the new fashion statement that screams sophistication. These artistic pieces are for the creatively inclined person that can handle not being ordinary but extraordinary.

"My pieces are flamboyant, prestige, high-end, and bold!" says Orit. You can wear them with jeans or an evening gown; they are the perfect accessory for any occasion. What makes designs by Orit stand out is that they are original and unique; you won't find anything like it. Each piece is comprised of Gold and an array of marvelous jewels ranging from Citrine to Diamonds and have an Israeli Arabian look to them.

Tiro is a bold and dramatic jewelry line by designer Orit

"It takes someone who is truly passionate about art to come up with magnificent pieces, and creativity is something you're born with, you either have it or you don't." Each piece is named after the person, thing or animal she drew her inspiration from and holds significant meaning for why the piece was created.

Orit started making jewelry five years ago after studying the technique of jewelry design overseas in Israel where her love and passion for jewelry emerged. She studied different techniques and transformed her passion for fashion into reality.

Orit draws her inspiration from her environment and life style. Everything she sees opens a door for her to let her imagination run wild and create something extraordinary. Orit enjoys making a statement so she wanted her jewelry to fit her personality, fierce and bold! Orit's designs are for women with bold, confident personalities who love interesting pieces and the good things in life. We are what we wear, and what better way to express yourself then with a dramatic piece that says "hey, look at me!"

Orit also targets women who are looking for a way to express themselves but need that extra push to get them there.

"I can see someone like Lady Gaga wearing my designs," says Orit. She hopes to see her pieces worn by all women be it celebrities or the confident business woman, and can see her designs gracing red carpets and runways across the globe. In addition to her woman's line Orit will soon be releasing pieces for men and pets. "I'm crazy about and love animals, so my line for them will make them like Kings and Queens." These pieces are sold exclusively online and range from $3,000 to about $9,400.

- Charity Chandler

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