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Tuesday Knight It is said sometimes that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Well, that seems to be the case with Tuesday Knight. Talent and success runs in her heritage. It started when Baker Knight came to Los Angeles and became a legend in his own right. It was 1956 when he took Hollywood by storm writing songs for Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, and countless others. In 1967 it was all brought to a glorious hold when Tuesday Lynn Knight was born.

Flash-forward ahead twenty years later when Tuesday started her music career and landed two record deals with CBS and Epic Records. Even though she was giving a hundred percent and having a top five dance song, she was destined for something more. Tuesday discovered a true love with acting. In 1989, her first role was in the popular NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST: PART 4 movie. Tuesday would be working with director Renny Harlin, who was cutting his teeth in Hollywood with only one movie, PRISON, under his belt. He would go on to DIE HARD fame. From NIGHTMARE, Tuesday went on to star in many other features, as well as TV.

Tuesday now has created her own line of jewelry and accessories. And much to Hollywood's delight. Her designs are desired by many top actors and musicians. Tuesday was so kind to make time out of her busy schedule to talk with inMagazine and gives us a view of her world, full of fresh opportunities.

Tuesday Knight - Angelina Jolie What is Tuesday's Hip Vintage?
THV is a jewelry line that brings all vintage jewelry together. It has a strong Victorian thread running through it that connects all Victorian, Gothic and Egyptian period pieces from the 1800's to the grooving 70's and priced reasonably for everyone to enjoy. Although worn by many celebrities including Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Kim Basinger and many, many others THV makes it available to whoever you are. Everyone is entitled to art and should be able to enjoy the same beauty. Stella McCartney was quoted saying, "When you wear a piece of Tuesday's jewelry, you are convinced that she made it just for you."

How did you get started?
I started designing jewelry when I was a little girl. When I got a bit older into my twenties suddenly my love for music captured me. With a lot of support and great help, I recorded two cd's for Sony/Epic; of course the first one was still an LP back then. I'm dating myself a bit aren't I? Anyway long story short, I then was offered the lead role in A Nightmare On Elm St. Part 4, and my life changed! I had always been an actress anyway! I would perform in my living room in front of Ricky Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and more of these amazing icons due to the fact that they were all recording my Pop's music. To me they were just a warm and supportive audience. If I had known who these creatures were, might I have frozen? One will never know that!

Tuesday Knight While working on a television series with Drew Barrymore (2000 Malibu Rd.) she had the chance to see some of the jewelry I made and wore in the show. She really loved it and she told me that I should be making this for everyone! From Drew's mouth to God's ears! Several years later after I had done quite a body of work, I decided to take a break so I immediately thought about what Drew said. That's how it all began, my first company Toe Brights Originals did remarkably well. I unfortunately had to leave my premiere company due to the fact that I wanted to move on and up to more sophisticated pieces. The creations I did there were more geared towards the teen scene but at the time was a lot of fun. Now I am more creatively fulfilled and very happy to have climbed up another step in the latter of Victorian Art.

Where is it available?
THV will be available on the website, and at Nordstrom's, many boutiques around the world. You can always check on the site and we will keep you updated.

Do you believe L.A trends influence the rest of the world?
That's a hard question; I think trends are set from various places around the world. I think that when someone finds something extremely exciting and brilliant it catches on and then it always ends up in Los Angeles. But I think that trends come from all over this world. I've seen so many fabulous things come from Europe, New York, L.A., etc. A trend is simply something that catches your eye before something else does.

Tuesday Knight - Britney Spears Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration? That's a crazy thing! I get inspired from a whole slew of things. I think that when I look at beautiful places of art, a tree, pain, a coffee cup that belonged to my father... When my boyfriend plays with our dogs and cats. Inspiration bubbles thru me. It's all over. Sometimes I am inspired by emptiness, and sometimes when my life is too full. Inspiration comes from your heart, wherever your heart carries you at that particular moment that is your inspiration. In other words love is the carrier to inspiration, creativity, and life. My love holds the embrace to this portal.

Who are a few of your favorite designers?
A few of my favorite designers are Stella McCartney, Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson...They're so different but they inspire me in such different directions. I like Ralph Lauren, Vivian Wu...I could go on and on! I guess while one makes me playful and girly, the other makes me feel like a sharp edged detective. Both lots of fun!

What are a few of your favorite styles/designs?
I like the 40's and the 50's. That era is just plain class. Then the 60's! Groovy. The only style in it's own right. Completely original, one of a kind. I tend to like designs that are original and precise. An 1800's Victorian ball gown would crown me a winner. You can also give me a fringed pink leather jacket, John Lennon glasses, The White Album and I am in Heaven. Very specific.

What is your favorite jewelry?
Well that's easy. Antique, from any periods before the 80's, which makes you say VINTAGE. Simple stones, filigree, chunky stones and rhinestones to boot. Anything that tells a story, or should I say that has a story behind it...I like the history underneath.

Is THV available for men and women?
For now THV is just for women with a few pieces that would definitely fit the ever adventurous male that can take a chance with his identity! It's coming soon guys!

Tuesday Knight If you could create a piece of jewelry for someone you admire, dead or alive, who would it be?
Wow...maybe it would be fun to make a piece for Salma Hayek. She has such a beautiful way about her. I think something Egyptian and dangly, but full of deep tones. Something that represents a woman.

Is acting your claim to fame?
My claim to fame is art. In whatever I do, I see and feel art. Acting is my expression of me in other characters, with designing jewelry I am no longer the commodity. It feels safer not being the center of it all. With jewelry it is my expression of me as well with a disguise. Hiding under the pressure and laying it all in that piece. Showing my beauty, not under the microscope but above, controlling it.

Did you give up music for the movies?
I guess in a way you could say the answer is yes. I didn't like the way it was going at the record company. They tried to make me something that I just wasn't and I found it hard to feel it. My first album I did was my heart and my livelihood. However they thought I should be to sell records. A formula. I was already made before they signed me. I will always have music in me though and I will always have some way to express it, whether it be writing songs for a soundtrack or just playing my guitar. I am sure that this all comes from my Dad, Baker Knight, who was an award winning songwriter for Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and so many more. In fact, Paul McCartney's guitar player Brian Ray has just recorded one of my Dad's tunes called "Lonesome Town", just like Paul actually! The music is definitely in this girl, I learned from the best...I love you Dad.

Your Father is a successful songwriter as well, right?
Oh my, my Father...what a successful and talented man. I sit in sheer amazement with his memory and I am moved to the point of no return. A humble man that never realized that he touch so many people with his memorable songs with such deep and profound lyrics that told a perfect story, when music was music and people were listening. So many wonderful artists that I mentioned earlier in this interview, but leaving you with two of my favorite pieces, "The Wonder Of You", by Elvis Presley and "Lonesome Town", by Ricky Nelson and Paul McCartney. To this day, I cannot even hear these two songs...It breaks my heart, I am so thankful for a Father that was also and mainly the most important things you want in your Dad. Love, warmth, honesty, dignity, support, humor, and generosity. My best friend had to leave me but he left me with a miracle or two. Just being the daughter of this gently man was all I

Tuesday Knight - Jessica Simpson - Cher

Out of your many talents, which one do you believe expresses yourself the most?
I feel I express myself 100% in each and everyone I do. I express a different side of me in each one and that is so fulfilling.

Where do you see THV in the future?
I see this company becoming very successful. All of my team are winners! I believe that this jewelry will touch people's lives in ways that will be so beneficial to their self esteem and their inner beauty, because it is all coming from a place of beauty and sincerity.

Being with Tuesday just for a few minutes and one can't help but to be pulled in of affected by the supernova explosion of positive energy and creative forces. She is one of a kind. Her beauty runs deep beneath her porcelain skin. She has already accomplished so much and has watched some of her dreams come true. Now, Tuesday is sharing another one of her dreams with the world, her designed jewelry.

- Paulo G. Acosta

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