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All That Jazz and More...

The husband-and-wife team at Umbrella Studios form the perfect one-two punch: the reputation of renowned sound maestro Andy Waterman brings in musicians from the world over; wife and partner Lauren Price takes care of the rest of the details. A lot of details, it turns out.

Umbrella Studios - Andy Waterman Besides the standard casting, recording, mixing and mastering that comes with the territory, Umbrella Studios offers a unique opportunity they coin "Jazz Tourism" that has musicians from all over the US and the world at large - Japan, Switzerland, Italy among others - flying to Los Angeles to record their jazz albums.

"You won't find a studio like Umbrella anywhere in the world," Waterman explains. "Not only do we offer world-class recording equipment and instruments, and access to some of the top jazz session musicians in LA, but we also have a 'bed & breakfast' philosophy that truly makes it an experience!"

Waterman, a multi-talented musician and sound engineer that got his start in Chicago with commercial jingles, has successfully run studios for 20-plus years in Los Angeles, working with top-tier session artists and major studios like Universal along the way.

Waterman and Price know that jazz is musically unique because it is often improvised and created in the moment, so they structured Umbrella Studios around that important facet. The studio layout is open with sight lines to other musicians, and shrewdly designed so that it can accommodate any combination of musicians and instruments. "Jazz musicians crave privacy so they can remain in the creative moment. Our studio fosters this relaxed creative process without interruptions," Waterman says.

Furthermore, they treat every artist as their honored guest, even making sure that minor details like food, water and shelter are taken care of; they arrange catered lunches, book hotels, and even schedule nights out together to take in some of LA's finest jazz musicians, ensuring an enriching experience from the recording room to the city at large. Even the studio itself is full of comforting amenities.

"Umbrella is unique because we not only offer the chance to record music, but we also handle all the management, planning and coordination for musicians," Price says. And while the schedule planning is a nice feature, Waterman maintains that the priority is music: "I compare our studio to a restaurant - I'm the head chef and associated with the quality of the food, so to speak!"

Waterman and Price truly enjoy the company they keep at Umbrella, where guests are treated like friends. "Although we book them at hotels, even clean sheets and fluffy pillows here at the studio are negotiable!"

- Chad Collins

For more information on Umbrella Studios, visit and

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Hollywood, CA

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