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Mommy Bag
Mom can now organize everything for baby with this stylish waterproof MOMMY Bag.

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Style and Fashion


Mizzi Cosmetics

Brenda Mierzejewski is the creator of a new great product Lip Luxe of Mizzi Cosmetics which is a natural lip balm directly from Portalnd, CT. Invented purely for chapped and dry lips, it is made with therapeutic essential oils in various flavors, Brenda, the stay at home mom, has basically created this product in her kitchen. It was recently showcased exclusively in the gift bags at the GBK Oscars® Gifting Suite held at L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills as well as the RNSH Academy Awards Suites.

Mizzi Cosmetics
Ms. Kennedy Summers & Valerie Vivier

Lip Luxe also proudly donates a portion of their proceeds to to help support families with children that have Congenital heart disease. They chose this charity because their son Brady suffered from this disease and needed open heart surgery at birth. Little Hearts helped them find the resources they needed for their son who is now 4 years old.

Due to it's newly found fame Lip Luxe has been flying off the shelves of her local boutiques and she is now looking to expand to the West coast. She has two new products coming out- a lip scrub and a "princess collection" coming at the end of May. Bridal companies have expressed interest about promoting her products exclusively. Medical spas and dermatologists are finding that their patients who use accutane for acne (which causes severe dry lips )no longer suffer dryness after switching to Lip Luxe.

Besides the celebrities raving about Lip Luxe lip balm. professional and studio make-up artist to the stars Stephen Moleski has publicly acclaimed that "Mizzi Cosmetics, Lip Luxe has solved the chapped lip problem being that it's all natural with great flavors and most important it's exceptional quality and I believe it is the best on the market! Soft, pretty, plump perfect lips." Setphen says. Her new campaign was also launched on "indigogo" for crowd funding where donations can be made to help their small business get to the next level:

Lip Luxe collection of lip balms made with therapeutic essential oils brings the meaning of taking care of your lips to a whole new level and looking fabulous in any weather.


Hazel & Harmony crystal bracelets

Hazel & Harmony crystal bracelets were just debuted at the GBK Oscars Gifting Suites in Beverly Hills. Celebrities enjoyed receiving them and even wore them on the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Laurie Acosta owner of Red Owl and her designer Tara Mosca were in LA to experience the frenzy of the Oscars and got a chance to enjoy the moment.

Hazel & Harmony - Christina Milian with her daughter
Christina Milian with her daughter, who appears in the new E! reality show, "Christina Milian Turned Up"

Hazel and Harmony jewelry is proudly handcrafted in Connecticut and features gemstones with a special meaning! They hand-select each of their stones and use all semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls for their bracelets. Each bracelet has a corresponding #hashtag that matches the intention and style of the stone. All bracelets come in fun, trendy assorted colors and look great alone or stacked together! The beautiful bracelets retail for $30 to $40.

Hazel & Harmony is the combined dream of Laurie Acosta and Tara Mosca. They set out on a mission to inspire woman of all ages with not just beautiful jewelry but fun messages that remind us all to - #be ourselves! Laurie is a registered nurse who began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2013 and opened a jewelry and gift boutique in Cheshire, CT. A veteran of the Air National Guard, she is the proud mother of two beautiful little girls.

Tara is a fashion enthusiast with appreciation for accessorizing and style. She began designing jewelry in 2010 and has been featured in several boutiques throughout New England. She is a proud and loving mom to her beautiful daughter. Hazel & Harmoney is also working on a #bebrave bracelet to support causes they strongly believe in and that effects so many people. All proceeds from the sale of these bracelets will be donated to veterans and cancer awareness causes.

Dalia MacPhee
Canadian born fashion designer Dalia MacPhee shows a portion of her extensive line of gowns for Fall 2010. Click Here

Tataway Tattoo Removal Clinic TATTOO REMOVAL: THE NEW ART
Tataway is a unique tattoo removal clinic exclusively equipped with advanced technology. Their INK (I Now Know) program is designed to provide at risk young people safe and effective tattoo removal (on the hands neck and face) of those who were formerly incarcerated, former gang members or survivors of human trafficking.
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Donte Livingston brings his lifelong passion to life with his fashion line - LUXE
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DaRico Jackson is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked on some of the biggest names in show business.
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That means growth spurts and that also means it's time to check out the new outfits at The Children's Place.
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Chadwick's CHADWICK'S
Chadwick's is the nation's first and largest value fashion catalog for women.
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Gail Johnson - True Promise Beauty TRUE PROMISE BEAUTY
Soap star turned Emmy nominated makeup artist, Gail Johnson, develops a High-Definition Beauty line.
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"The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" airs Tuesdays on the Oxygen Network
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Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ® is the ultimate color beauty line for making a dramatic statement.
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Hollywood, CA

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