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There's Something About Larry

By Carin Chea

A first meeting with this powerhouse actor-director-producer-filmmaker is like encountering your new best friend/life coach: Larry Sands is familiar, comfortable and uplifting. After a few minutes, I understand why he flourishes in every goal he has set his mind to.

Larry doesn't just accomplish goals; he strives to inspire. Larry can be seen starring in the military drama, Adjusting Honor, currently on Amazon. His production company, Something Something Films, has several exciting projects in the works, including a Christian film and his popular podcast.

Larry Sands

On a recent phone interview, Larry shared his journey, secrets, hopes and dreams with me and the readers of In Entertainment.

You're an actor, producer, director, and filmmaker. Which came first?

Acting came first. I thought, "I just want to be an actor. I don't want to direct or produce." But, now I know nothing would have gotten in the way, even if I went into filmmaking first. It would only have enhanced it. When you're a producer and director, you get to know who each of these characters are and how they interact, just like an actor does, but from a different perspective. If I hadn't gone into those other fields, I wouldn't be who I am today.

How did the other interests come about?

In the mid-2000s, I moved back to Texas. I was done with acting. But, even in Texas, I worked in a few productions here and there. We decided to move back in 2014, and that's when I got into filmmaking.

Here's the thing about actors - they're focused on bringing the script to life. They don't need to know what happens behind the camera. But, as a director, I like to involve them. I take my time with the actors. I love talking to actors. This is my passion. This is where I belong.

What are some of your most memorable acting roles?

Early on, I co-directed a film with my brother called Recycled Parts [currently on Netflix]. We built the set, mixed the blood, and did our own special effects. In the movie, we cut a guy's leg, and blood was squirting on his face. It was great.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future as an actor?

I would love to work with Harrison Ford. And Robert Deniro. Al Pacino. Russell Crowe.

As a filmmaker, who would you like to collaborate with?

Steven Spielberg has been the biggest influence. And Ridley Scott.

You currently have a movie, Adjusting Honor, now streaming on Amazon Prime. Tell me about that.

I met the writer, Jeff [Solema], in Los Angeles. At that time, I was burnt out, but still interested in the creative process and acting. You know when you listen to music and it just touches you? I read the script, and I just felt it.

The [subject matter] was so heavy. This is what goes on every day with people in the military. I don't know if people really understand what military guys go through. My actor brain was like, "Man, this is going to be challenging."

Larry Sands - Adjusting Honor

You have a production company, Something Something Films. Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

Right now, I'm in the process of directing a Christian film called Second Sunday, by John Phalen. My good friend, Sheila Thompson, approached me about this. I'm producer, director, cinematographer and editor.

We have a narrator who ties all the threads together. True to the story, Jesus comes back, but we first see Jesus in hell speaking with Judas [played by David Brockway]. The message is: "I was here with you before I was crucified. And, even though I am no longer here physically, I will always be with you."

Is your podcast, Something Something Podcast, affiliated with your production company?

Yes. Erick Kaslov [production partner] lives in Jersey, and I'm in LA. In the beginning, we just recorded ourselves, through Skype, talking about what projects we were working on. We decided, "We should do a podcast interviewing people in the creative industry." That was the whole premise: if you're a creative person, let us help you get out there.

If you had to be stuck on an island for 6 months with someone famous, who would it be?

Would we be getting off the island in 6 months?


It would be Oprah. She is smart, talented and knows a lot of people. She could introduce me to a lot of people once we get off the island.

You're at a Chinese restaurant, and you get a fortune cookie. What does the fortune say?

"Your talent will open the doors to success."

For more information on Larry's upcoming projects, please visit and

You can currently catch Larry starring in Adjusting Honor, on Amazon, as well as Recycled Parts, on Netflix.

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Hollywood, CA

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